Abstract Submission

In order for the abstracts to be evaluated from the Evaluation Committee and be included in the Conference programme, they should be submitted via the online platform.
You may register yourself by clicking on the button “Registration” and then you may submit your abstract by filling in the “Abstract Submission Form”.
Abstracts received by e-mail or by post will NOT be included in the Congress programme.
In case that none of the authors of the abstract is present during the date and time of the inclusion of the main topic, on which an abstract is presented according to the programme, the abstract will not be included in the Congress proceedings.

Consequently, please read carefully the Writing & Submission Instructions, before the submission of the abstract:

  1. Make sure that the contact information you submit is correct because it will be used for further correspondence via email. Pay more attention to the authors and institutions’ names both in Greek and in English.
  2. Make sure your e-mail address is the correct one in order the contact with the Organizing Committee of the Congress to be enabled.
  3. Abstract submission is necessary for the presentation of the oral and e-poster presentations.
  4. Study the Thematic Topics thoroughly and submit your abstract accordingly.
  5. You should choose if your abstract will be presented as an oral or e-poster presentation. Keep in mind that the Evaluation Committee has the authority to change a presentation from oral to e-poster and vice versa in case they decide it is necessary.

*You can present until two abstracts as a speaker

The dates of the evaluation and correction of the abstracts have been announced in the website of the 28th ICPESS and via newsletters and e-mails as well. You should check your e-mails and the webpage of the Congress regularly, in order you to be punctual with the important dates.

Ιn case the submitted abstract does not respect the rules and there is not time for correction due to the abstracts deadline, it will be disqualified automatically.a

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