• Examples of ict application and usage in
    adaptive physical education in primary and secondary education.
  • Stay physically active at home:
    active games in the time of COVID-19
  • Strength and Development for Basketball:
    How to program around an intensive competition schedule
  • Webinar Director

    Batsiou S.
    Assistant Professor

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    TECHLIKIDOU E., PhD, Special Education, Director of EEEK Kilkis
    VOGIANTZI C., MSc, ICT Educator in 1st GEL Kilkis
    KOKKINELI K., MSc, M.Ed. Kindergarten Educator, Special School of SAP – Ioannina
    PAPADOPOULOU A., Kindergarten teacher

  • Seminar Fee:

    Ten (10) €
    Subscription Limit: 40 participants

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Webinar Director

    Fotini Venetsanou
    Associate Professor, SPESS-NKUA

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    Webinar Instructors

    Iro Valntasi, physical education teacher
    Stathis Tsoutsias, physical education teacher

  • Description

    Given the conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for physical activation of all those living at home seems imperative. It is well known that movement is of vital importance, especially for young children, since it contributes for the configuration of their personality as well as their future health attitudes and behaviours. The aim of this seminar is to present activities and ideas for activities that can take place at home at any time, regardless of the lock-down imposed due to COVID-19, with children and parents interacting.
    The focus will be on the practical application of the proposed ideas as well as on simple activities that require only materials that can be found in every house.

  • Seminar Fee:

    Ten (10) €
    Subscription Limit: 100 participants

  • Date


  • In cooperation with:

  • Webinar Director

    Athanasios Chatzinikolaou
    Associate Professor SEFAA-DUTH

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  • Description

    In this lecture, Kostas Chatzichristos will present his philosophy and methodology in designing comprehensive yearly strength training programs for basketball.

  • Seminar Fee:

    Τhirty (30) €
    Subscription limit: 100 participants

  • Date


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